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          FC Barcelona 4-0 塞维利亚: A thriller at 诺坎普

          FC Barcelona 4-0 塞维利亚: A thriller at 诺坎普

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          A fantastically open game saw chances at both ends even before five minutes were on the clock. Each time 广西快三_广西快3 pressed in the opening stages of the game, 塞维利亚 ensured appropriate numbers were back to take the sting out of their attacks, whilst the hosts kept the Andalusians at arms length.

          Marc-André ter Stegen

          卢克·德容, to keep things goalless.

          As both teams continued on the front foot, gaps began to appear, particularly at set pieces, with 皮克 and de Jong again going close. A third de Jong miss before the half hour was always going to be punished. And how! 苏亚雷斯 connected with an immaculate overhead kick to put the blaugrana 1-0 up on 27.

          Vidal and Dembélé amongst the goals

          As the hosts turned up the pressure, a second goal wasn’t long in coming. A wonderful pass from 阿瑟斯 发现 比达尔 unmarked in the middle of the box to slide home, and just a few minutes later Ousmane Dembélé’s incisive run gave him the time and space to fire in a third.


          De Jong was out of luck again early in the second half, hitting the post on 48. 梅西

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          托马斯·瓦茨利克’s outstretched palm turn the ball around the post.


          广西快三_广西快3B队的 Ronald Araujo came on in the final 20 minutes to make his first-team debut, replacing Jean-Clair Todibo who’d stayed down after a challenge.


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